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About Us

About the company

PROQuantum AI welcomes beginners and those with extensive experience who will soon become active participants in crypto trading. We believe that future trading success depends on the level of awareness and availability of useful tools. That's why we offer you the opportunity to use our platform so that you can instantly feel the changes in the markets and get all the important information in real time. Thanks to powerful technology, you will be one step ahead of your competitors and other participants who operate using traditional and partially outdated methods. We have made sure that traders of all levels have the best ways to conduct commercial activities with cryptocurrencies.

At PROQuantum AI, we are convinced that the success of crypto trading largely depends on the quantum technologies of the future. We offer a user-friendly and easy-to-learn interface, a massive library of knowledge and information, as well as tools for in-depth event analysis, trend tracking, predicting possible fluctuations, and more. All of this will enable you to build effective strategies, quickly adapt to new conditions, and make decisions based on clear data. Our alert system will not let you miss an important moment. Stop relying on luck, it's time to look to the future and act to succeed.

The importance of learning:
Experienced traders may experience difficulties. It is generally difficult for beginners to get started in crypto trading, and we understand this. Everyone needs support and assistance. That is why PROQuantum AI is here. We will help you master the field and provide access to educational resources, instant news, and quant tools that will be indispensable for understanding the cryptocurrency market.
Improving trading and increasing efficiency:
The process of trading cryptocurrencies is difficult and often unpredictable. But PROQuantum AI, as a faithful advisor, provides all the important information so that you can assess the situation and identify the likely risks.
Dive into the Quantum DeFi landscape:
Ecosystems have a new, unexplored space of decentralized finance (DeFi). PROQuantum AI is already opening a portal to the potential of DeFi. Grab it and be among the leaders with us.
Know everything you need:
In the world of cryptocurrencies, it is crucial to have current information about fluctuations, important events, and changes. PROQuantum's artificial intelligence will provide you not only with up-to-date news, but also with the results of in-depth analyses. People spend hours collecting data, but our platform does it in seconds. The market is developing without pause, so move with it.
No to emotions, yes to pure reason:
We care about your discipline and emotional stability. That's why PROQuantum AI encourages you to make decisions based on clear analysis and results. We don't like it when you make impulsive moves and put yourself in danger. It is better that you make an in-depth analysis with our tools, analyze the available information, and take steps with confidence.
We respect your individuality:
Regardless of your level of experience and skill, PROQuantum AI provides traders with effective tools. Traders with no experience will quickly master the craft, while experienced professionals will open the way for the realization of their own ideas. Make your strategy flawless to make it incredibly successful.
Need any help?
No problem. We are here to support all users of our platform to ensure that you trade easily and efficiently.
Write at [email protected].
Don't worry and wait a bit. It may take our team 24-48 hours to provide a clear answer. No query will be left unattended, so you have no obstacles to quant trading.
Do you have any advice? Would you like to express your opinion? Don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected].
We will do our best to help you.

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Risk and Regulation

The existence of risks and threats:
Traders should understand that trading is aimed at profit. But there is always a risk of losing your finances, either partially or completely. Every investor should be aware of this responsibility and know that more than 50% of investors lose their financial injections in the course of trading.

PROQuantum AI and any other commercial names or pseudonyms used and displayed on this platform are for marketing purposes only and have no affiliation with any specific companies, entities, or service providers.

Read the platform's terms and conditions carefully. Be aware of the disclaimer of any other trading platform before you start applying your own investments to trading. Also, each user should be aware of the laws and taxation rules for capital gains in accordance with their own country of residence.

US law prohibits the sale and purchase of commodity options, regardless of the wording of the product name. The list of permitted options includes only those registered with the CFTC and authorized by law.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Statement PS20/10, the sale, exchange, and distribution of CFDs on cryptocurrencies are prohibited. These activities are prohibited for UK residents.

It is prohibited to provide trading services related to MiFID II financial instruments, regardless of their name, type or nature, in the EU. The provision of services is only permitted if authorized or licensed by the relevant authorities and/or the applicable regulator(s).

The user must independently verify and ensure that the service provider has the legal right to provide the offered services before starting trading.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to transfer your personal data, if necessary, to third parties providing trading services if you have left it here.

Traders carry out their trading activities using software. This can also be done with the help of a broker or on the basis of an agreement. The trader independently chooses the trading method and is solely responsible for it.