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Privacy Police

By clicking the "Continue" icon, everyone who joins the platform automatically agrees to receive emails with our general and customized offers. If you do not want to receive emails with offers, you have the right to unsubscribe. This option is always available and is indicated at the end of each email.

The Software respects the privacy of every visitor to the website, without exception. This document confirms that The Software will certainly take all measures and take all necessary steps to protect your information and your personal data. Such information includes all personal data that you have authorized to be received by the website, platform and resources operated by The Software. This statement highlights the possible ways and methods for collection. It also explains how the information is used and what purpose it serves. This statement is not final and is subject to change at our discretion.

A. Data for identification and verification of identity:

Personal data about the visitor is received by the software, usually on a voluntary basis. The data is transferred when registering on the platform, performing financial transactions, sending a message to the technical support center or intending to be employed, etc. All collected data is used exclusively for its intended purpose and in accordance with the subject of your request. If the program intends to use it in any other way, the system will definitely ask for your permission to do so. If you feel the need to prohibit the use of your data, send an email to: [email] and state your requirements. Notwithstanding your right, the Program has a list of situations for independent decision-making and may quite rightly send out critical communications. If you do not raise any objections, the Program, together with its partners, may carry out advertising activities based on the specific interests of the person. The Software is not looking for profit and therefore does not allow itself to sell or exchange the acquired data. Government agencies and authorities have the right to contact us to obtain user data, and in such cases we cannot refuse based on this consent, because we operate in compliance with the rules and laws. Data about purchases or financial transactions made by the user on the Internet may also be transferred at the request of government authorities on a legal basis. To create security barriers, the Software uses security and encryption protocols. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) are among them. Any data posted by users of their own free will and not required or collected upon request is considered non-confidential. The Program is not responsible for its integrity. The described situations and available actions do not guarantee the possibility of material enrichment, and the Agreement is not a guarantee of achieving this. This responsibility is assigned to the user who has expressed a desire to use the tools, products, offers, methods and efforts offered. We do not claim that this is a "get rich quick scheme" and you should not treat it as such.

B. Non-personalized data (general):

The program collects general data automatically. General data is not capable of disclosing or identifying a person. Most often, this is data about the Internet address of your device, the intensity of visits and the list of Program sites that have been visited. The Program stores this data only for the purpose of assessing the needs of customers and websites. The collection of such data is achieved through the use of technologies, including "cookies" (a technology that can be used to provide the visitor with personalized data about the Program's services). The Software does not combine the data collected in this way with other personally identifiable data. These settings are configured in your browser, where you can activate the notification about the collection of cookies, as well as prohibit it.

C. Your server, forum, website, message boards, and third party sites that host the Software:

Data that you independently and voluntarily disclose in a public space, chat room, message board, or website that the Program may provide to you when your service is made available to all visitors to such spaces. The Program cannot protect data that you personally disclose in such areas. In addition, the Program's websites may contain links to resources that are owned by third parties and are not related to the Program. In such cases, users are advised to read the privacy policy of the specific site they choose to visit.

D. Exceptions, Compliance and Limitations:

In consideration of the foregoing data and in accordance with applicable law, the Program (i) cooperates with government agencies, local and federal authorities in the event of an investigation arising out of or knowingly involving illegal activity through any content (private emails are not an exception) transmitted to the Program by any user of the Platform, and (ii) takes steps to protect its property rights. As part of such activities, the Program has the right and need to disclose and provide personal data if officially requested and required. It is possible that the Program may monitor areas and channels of communication of any kind (i) to comply with laws, regulations or governmental requests; (ii) if such disclosure is necessary to protect the rights or property of the Program or other users. There is a possibility that any particular interest in the Software and the various company-owned sites may be sold or transferred. In such cases, the Program may sell or transfer that interest, together with user data (including data you have provided to the Program) to a third party that (i) is engaged in providing communication products or services; the third party (ii) agrees to succeed to the Program and protect the data received and accumulated by the Program; and (iii) agrees to the conditions of this agreement.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. We are always here to support you and provide important information for each of you.
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Risk and Regulation

The existence of risks and threats:
Traders should understand that trading is aimed at profit. But there is always a risk of losing your finances, either partially or completely. Every investor should be aware of this responsibility and know that more than 50% of investors lose their financial injections in the course of trading.

PROQuantum AI and any other commercial names or pseudonyms used and displayed on this platform are for marketing purposes only and have no affiliation with any specific companies, entities, or service providers.

Read the platform's terms and conditions carefully. Be aware of the disclaimer of any other trading platform before you start applying your own investments to trading. Also, each user should be aware of the laws and taxation rules for capital gains in accordance with their own country of residence.

US law prohibits the sale and purchase of commodity options, regardless of the wording of the product name. The list of permitted options includes only those registered with the CFTC and authorized by law.

According to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Statement PS20/10, the sale, exchange, and distribution of CFDs on cryptocurrencies are prohibited. These activities are prohibited for UK residents.

It is prohibited to provide trading services related to MiFID II financial instruments, regardless of their name, type or nature, in the EU. The provision of services is only permitted if authorized or licensed by the relevant authorities and/or the applicable regulator(s).

The user must independently verify and ensure that the service provider has the legal right to provide the offered services before starting trading.

In accordance with the Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions, you authorize us to transfer your personal data, if necessary, to third parties providing trading services if you have left it here.

Traders carry out their trading activities using software. This can also be done with the help of a broker or on the basis of an agreement. The trader independently chooses the trading method and is solely responsible for it.